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NO other form of investment beats property investment!

A bold statement, “Yes”! But one that John truly believes in. The benefits of property range from rental income to mortgage gearing, tax planning (still), capital gains and leverage (building up a property portfolio). Even though changes to the NZ tax take have reduced a few of the advantages, there is one single point the pundits have over-looked. There are still no viable, low-risk alternatives to help people accumulate wealth and become financial secure.

Starting out in property in the early 1980’s John bought and sold many residential properties before progressing on to contract building and property development. Through the 1990’s he accumulated his own property portfolio in Auckland and the Waikato.

John was a Board Member and Vice President of the Auckland Property Investors’ Association (APIA) for several years. He was instrumental in introducing property related education through workshops and seminars. Furthermore, he helped to transform APIA from a club concept to a professional body with the aspiration to represent the best interests of its members in the community.

John has significant personal experience in residential property and investment property (i.e. houses, minor dwelling, units and blocks of flats, etc). He also has the ability to think outside the square which is particularly useful in tight markets. It is fair to say that a number of property transactions would not have happened without his ability to come up with some creative and practical solutions.

Should you wish to have John’s skills and knowledge working for you, just call him on Ph: 021 980-770, or Email:


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